Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Smashed to Bits. Bones everywhere

Last weekend was played a contest at the 1000 points level. My illustrious opponent decided to field his gluttonous Ogre Kingdoms army. I, of course, fielded my underperforming Vampire Counts.

My Army:
  • Casty vampire LotD L2 Wiz, Helm, Black Periapt
  • Mounted Wight King BSB w/ Sword of Kings, Gem of Blood
  • 10x Skeleton bunker for the Vamp
  • 15x Ghouls w/ Ghast
  • 18x Grave guard w/ HW and Shields
  • 5x Fell Bats
His Army:
  • Butcher
  • Fighty Ogre Hero
  • 2x 4-man Bull Ogres units
  • 2x 2-man Cannon guys
  • Gorger
The race was on to 600 victory points.

Turns one and two were maneuvering turns, where the Undead were attempting to bait the Ogres into charge range while staying out the massive 12" Ogre charges.

Turn three sees my Ghouls charging his cannon ogres, who flee and thus pull my Ghouls into position to be charged by a Bull Ogre unit. He maneuvers his other Bull unit into charge range of my Grave Guard. His Gorger appears directly behind my General's skeleton bunker. A tarpit of Zombies is raised to delay the Gorger, and does so for two turn. Thinking that my Vampire is safe for a turn, I spend it replacing casualties in the Grave guard block as well as adding another rank of skeletons to the bunker. I position my Fell bats to cut off the fleeing Cannon Ogres.

Turn four sees both frontline undead units charged by a Bull ogre unit. They plow through the Ghoul unit and overrun into the General's Bunker. The Grave guard unit holds surprisingly well as the Wight King carves some fat off the Butcher in a challenge. His fleeting cannon Ogres fail their leadership test and are overwhelmed by the pack of Fell Bats descending upon them.

Turn five: The vampire general is killed by the impact hits from the charging bull ogre unit. By this point, the Undead have given up close to 600 victory points to the Ogres so we call it a night.

Thoughts on the battle:
  • I am happy that the Grave Guard were holding as well as they were. I usually equip them with Great Weapons, but I had a feeling that it was making the unit as a whole too brittle. This battle with HW + Shields seems to confirm this.
  • Killing blow vs Ogres is ineffective. The Wight King should have been equipped with the Black Axe for more punch per round.
  • Ghouls are great on the offense, but cannot take a hit. They should not be a frontline unit against high strength opposition.
  • I had forgotten about the bonus from the Battle Standard. That could have saved at least half a dozen losses from Crumbling.
  • At 1000 points, the Vampire Counts shouldn't make a hybrid list. It should be either all Casty, or all Fighty. Replenishing losses was a struggle for a single L2 vampire wizard.
  • The MVP for this battle was without a doubt the Wight King. He is my battle tank, and seems to mess with my opponent's mind as well. No other unit that I have fielded in this or other battles inspires fear like he does.
There you have it. I hope you have enjoyed reading this battle report. Please don't hesitate to comment. and have a Happy Halloween!