Saturday, February 13, 2010

The dead will walk this weekend

Campaign turn 4 and possibly turn 5 will happen February 13th, and I hope to switch gears and actually win more than once a year.

For archival purposes and to illustrate the method behind my madness, here is the army list and the plan.

The Walking Dead (Magic: 7PD, 5DD, 2 Scrolls and 2 bound spells):
  • Monique deNoir [1]: General, Vampire w/ Infinite Hatred, Beguile, Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Kings
  • Eldessa [2]: Vampire w/ Master of the Black Arts, Book of Arkhan, Sword of Might
  • Cornelius Barlow: Necromancer w/ 2x Dispel Scrolls, Extra Spell, mounted on a Corpse Cart w/ Unholy Lodestone
The Shambling Horde (1497 points w/ characters):
  • 24x Skeletons w/ Champion, Standard Bearer, Banner of the Dead Legion [1]
  • 24x Skeletons w/ Champion, Standard Bearer, War Banner [2]
  • 5x Dire Wolves
  • 5x Dire Wolves
  • 12x Grave Guard w/ Great Weapons
  • Varghulf
Ye olde cunning plan:
This is a classic "center presented" formation, with the both skeleton units holding the center and having their flanks guarded by hammer units (the GG and Varghulf). The dogs will be held back and will "fetch" any broken enemy units and run them down. In other words, I want to skeletons to *be* charged and holding for one round of combat. If they cannot autobreak the charging enemy unit, I should be able to bring to bear an attached hammer unit to support the skeletons. This will finish the job and prepping the fleeing unit for the dogs. It's the classic hammer-and-anvil routine. The Necromancer will be trailing the skeleton units to make sure that they are affected by the Miasma of Deathly Vigor.

Of course, I'll be facing Lizardmen and their annoying Engine of the Gods. I plan to ignore it and feed it as many zombies as it wants, well away from my lines.

This brings me to the Magic Phase. I didn't invest in as much magic power as magic spread, all I plan on doing is re-filling ranks of skeletons or feeding new zombies to the Stegadon.

That's the plan in a nutshell, wish me luck!