Monday, August 30, 2010

The black coach is finally finished

After many appearances in this Vampire Count's army lists in paper and metal form, I can finally say that my Black Coach is done! The model itself is the reason why I chose VCs as my army. The way the model is put together tho... ugh! The white metal parts don't *quite* fit together, or even line up for that matter. Assembling the thing was a exercise in frustration.

Because of all the problems assembling and painting the thing, I will make *sure* that it is still present in all my army lists.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm just sayin'

And on this very topic, Today's Dork Tower absolutely nails it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8th ed BRB Bang for buck quick review

I finished reading the rules for WHFB 8th edition, all 150 pages of 'em. I have no inclination to wade through what amounts to 3 white dwarf issues tacked on to the rules to make a 500+ page book. The white-dwarf-ish later half of the book should have been cut, and kept in the astronomically priced special edition ($150 for that thing), leaving the rules and background info in a much more affordable core book (I'd be ready to shell out $50 for that no problem).

I come back to my price/value comparison with WARMACHINE mkII. Would I buy the WM mkII Prime book for CAN$35? In a heartbeat! (And will before the month is out) Would I buy the 8th ed BRB at CAN$90? Never in a million years. I'll wait for the mini book to appear on ebay, thanks. The close to 3 to 1 fluff to rules ratio doesn't justify the price for me.

I'm clearly not the target market since I want most of the pagecount of the game books that I buy to be useful in the actual games that I play. To each his own, but sticker shock on the BRB is a "remains in play effect" until GW decides to bring down the price.

Oh and here is a pic illustrating very well the padding contained in the BRB. It's a size comparison between the standalone book and the rules-only book in the starter boxed set.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Two great tastes that taste great together

This is just a quick note while reading the VBRB (very-big-red-book). Measuring rules are great, especially coupled with the failed/successful charge rules. I *really* like the fact that you check to see if your charge is in range (from closest base to base) *before* you move models.

We never used to do that, trying to angle a charge/wheel for best impact. Now it is: is it in range? yes? great! it's successful. Move your models to get the most models into base contact with a wheel. No more futzing with the charge, taking it back, futzing some more. It fails if it do this, but it doesn't if I do that... all gone!

Things are looking up :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Borrowed the 8th ed doorstopper

Hello, in advance of the reasonably sized book in the boxed set, I have borrowed a friend's massive 8th ed book. I *just* started reading it, so the only thing I can comment on right now is that its pretty. and pretty hefty. Is the worth the sticker price? Well to me, when compared to the WARMACHINE Mk II book, feels padded to justify it's astronomical price tag. So no, I mean *hundreds* of pages of miniature showcase? really?

Radio silence until I evaluate more. Speak to you later, boils and ghouls!