Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Official word on the 8th ed

According to GW's website, the release for the 8th edition of WHFB will be July 10th. So if rumours hold true, we VC generals have until that date to enjoy un-nerfed Fear rules.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Comp scoring, or looking out for the lactose intolerant

A friend of mine has recently sent me a copy of the WPS composition scoring system that was used most recently at AdeptiCon 2010. And I must say that I love this document so much that I want to bear its children.

I have been trying to limit the cheese in my army lists, which is a tall order considering the state of the Vampire Counts army list. IoN spamming, Crown of commandment combos, or the million cairn wraith army are but a few of the army list abuses that the VC are known for.

Now I have tried the Jean-Style army list, or consciously avoiding the "power" units like the Varghulf, Lord with Red Fury with the Dreadlance on a Zombie Dragon, or Drakenhof Banner-in-the-Grave-Guard death star unit. None have been quite satisfactory and have left my use of the army wanting for enjoyment. So much so that I have many times stated that I may sell the army.

The WPS system liberates me to use anything that I want, as long as I "pay" for the cheese by using non-cheese units as well. This way I can feel good about unleashing the cheddar since I know that it isn't over-the-top when you consider the army as a whole.

The benchmark for a "balanced" army is 3000 comp points. Rating the army list that I used in the recent campaign , I was presented with a score of 993. Which would confirm my urge to take a shower after the game to wash the stink of fromage off. I *really* don't like WAAC armies. (For the record, I did not win that game either, for my opponent scored a low 1000s in composition as well)

I have since re-tooled the my army to a more friendly 3013 points, so we'll see how that goes. I can already tell that it will be much more fun to play just because I will have to deal with the so-so VC units.

The WPS composition scoring system can be used for any WHFB army out there and I highly recommend it.