Saturday, March 6, 2010

Music and Mayhem

I have a musical jam tomorrow with a bassman friend of mine. This friend is also the Lizardmen player I am in a WHFB campaign with. So after the jam, the last match of the current campaign will take place. I'm going to have to play an A+ game just for a campaign victory point tie. Maybe if I hit the drums real hard, it will dazzle his brain to nothingness (fat chance of that, but worth a try)

Of course, I'll have one hand tied behind my back as I do not have access to a Lord level character (key for VC victories). He, on the other hand, will have access to his Lord,which will undoubtedly be his beloved Slaan. The frog will either be riding a stegadon or lost in a temple guard unit. I have a feeling that I'll be dodging many a comet falling upon my head.

Final campaign standings will be posted as soon as I know them. Hopefully there will be much rejoicing.

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