Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vampire Counts @2000 points

Halloween is upon us once again. Here's a quickie list for our favorite blood  suckers for a late night skirmish or three.

  • Vampire Lord, L2 wizard, red fury, quickblood, armor of destiny, ogre blade, shield (428pts)
  • Wight King, BSB, nightshroud, barded skeletal steed, shield (174 pts)
  • 28x Ghouls with Ghast (290 pts)
  • 40x skeletons, full command (230 pts)
  • 28x Grave Guard, great weapons, full command, banner of the barrows (416 pts)
  • 9x Black Knights, barding, lance, full command, screaming banner (289 pts)
  • Varghulf (175 pts)

2002 pts total

Vampire lord goes in the GG block, and the Wight King rides with his knight buddies. The weight of number per unit should enable you to survive a round or two of combat to get that Invocation off to replenish the ranks.

Happy Halloween!

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