Saturday, January 18, 2014

Quest for style

I've tried to give some thought as to what kind of miniature player I am. Am I a defensive player? Or do I prefer to have all offense? Do I like to mess with my opponents? Every time that I ask myself this question, I always answer with "I don't know."
Here is my attempt at answering this question. I'm going to record my armie's performance using the FIDE ELO ranking system. I'll assume a ranking of 1500 as a baseline and the see what has the better performance. I'll see where I stand after 30 games under my belt.

  • WM Khador: 1485 / 1
  • H Circle of Orboros: 1515 / 1
  • WM Cygnar 1515 / 1
  • WM Protectorate of Menoth 1485 / 1
  • 40k Dark Eldar 1515 / 1
  • WHFB Vampire Counts 1500 / 0
  • WHFB High Elves 1500 / 0

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