Monday, September 14, 2009

New Bones

Ever since GW announced that they were going to raise the price on (err... reculpt) the core VC skeletons, I've been apprehensive of the new models. Considering that the older skeleton models painted up quickly and easily, I looked upon the new skeleton bits and pieces in dismay. Would they take as long as the new Grave Guard to paint up? Would they look horrible compared to the 20 strong skeleton box?

I'm happy to say that the skeletons did *not* take forever to paint (this unit of 10 took just under 4h45) and look much less chunky than the older models. The only downside was that the new box does *not* contain headstones and other scenic bits, which is a shame as I'm always looking to grow my army's cemetery.

All in all a worthy addition to the Count's army.

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