Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not all spirit hosts are made the same.

Today I received a shipment containing the last models that I will need to field my vampire counts army. In this shipment were the MIA Grave Guard (no thanks to GC Minis), 3x Spirit Hosts and 10 paint pots (including close-to-running-out-of black).

Concerning the Spirit Hosts. It's no secret that I I will refuse to field models that I think are sub-par sculpts and the spirit hosts are no exception. I've been mulling over some Empire infantry conversions but I still wasn't satisfied with the end result I thought I could achieve with them.

Enter "Ghostly Summons" from Reaper. This model from Julie Guthrie is exactly what I was looking for. And it even contains the correct number of figures for the base.

So instead of fielding something that looks like this:

I'm modeling something that looks like this instead:

Ahhh, muuuuch better.

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