Thursday, February 2, 2012

The dead will rise from the blood soaked battlefield

The new vampire counts book is out and here are links to reviews of it:

* Hero's Gaming Blog
* Bell of Lost Souls

As a skeleton kind of player, i'm ecstatic that they are now about half the points that they were. What can I say? I loves dem bones. Vamps are more badass than they were (caster lord players will get dinged in points tho)  with the ability to feed of of a defeated foe. Speaking of healing, invocation of nehek is now an area of effect spell, healing all in a certain radius. Battle attrition? What's that?

To celebrate this edition's release, I have ordered a batch of models from Mantic games (have you *seen* the price on the new GW models? That's dentist visit money) Nothing special, some Ghouls, Skeletons, and Black Knights. Yup, the old stand-bys are as reliable as ever.

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