Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recently Finished Ghouls

For my B-day, I received an EBay gift certificate, which was promptly spent on Ghouls. Why did I wait so long? Because the pics I had seen of 'eavy Metal painted ghouls were... erm.. to put it bluntly, fugly. But taking my courage (and free money) in hand, I ordered them anyway based on the results from my last fugly model experiment which were Dire Hamsters.. err *Wolves*. Those turned out well thus the Ghouls went under the paintbrush.

I'm actually pretty pleased with the result considering the limits that I had imposed upon myself. These are Core units, thus do not deserve too much attention. I limited myself to a maximum of one highlight, one shade, and 3 colors. I didn't want to spend too much time on them either so I gave myself a time budget of max 1 hour per model.

3:40 hours of work later (forgot to count assembly time), this is the result:

Not counting the time spent on the Corpse Cart, I'm quite satisfied with the 10 Ghouls since I spent only 22 minutes on each.

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