Sunday, January 3, 2010

Are VCs really broken?

I was reading a bit on and I came across a post from someone in the middle of a "The top 3 armies are broken"

"I wish my vampire counts army performed as well as it does on the Internet."

That is my feeling as well. Apparently I am running a broken army because I am a bad person and the army needs to be nerfed. Well If you consider my track record, I disagree. There are at least 2 ways that I can think of that will defeat a Vampire Counts army every time.

  1. Shut down the VC magic phase. The base VC core troops are expensive and useless in combat. The only reason that enemy units get overcome by a Skeleton unit (for example) is that the vampires can raise them back up through magic. Shut them down, make them work for each Invocation that goes off and the match is 90% yours.
  2. VC armies are *very* character dependant. Kill the characters and then point 1 above becomes a non-issue. Vampires are much easier to kill than before, and that goes for the Vampire Lord as well.
I play against Lizardmen quite a bit, and let me tell you, I struggle just to tie against them. There *are* ways to defeat the VCs, but the are so different than most armies that you have to shift your gameplan to do so.

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