Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kicked off a campaign today

Today marked the first playtest campaign session for a WHFB conversion of the Battlegrounds: Fantasy Warfare Kingdoms campaign system.

Two 1000 point games were played with army lists created *after* the scenario was determined. This resulted in new, more task-oriented army lists on both sides.

I'm happy to report that in both sessions, my Vampire counts were up to snuff and were able to draw both games. (Instead of the standard Massacre! against.)

Current campaign standings are 7VPs for the Lizardmen, and 5 VPs for Vampire Counts with 3 more campaigns games to go.

What I like the best about this campaign system (aside from the various new scenarios offered) is the fact that campaign performance doesn't affect your army composition. This completely sidesteps the runaway leader effect that kills most campaigns a few sessions in.

A few tweaks will be applied to the conversion rules before they are made public, but I don't plan on keeping the campaign document secret for too long. :)

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